Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tailgating Season Again

I know we're already a few weeks into the football (USA style) season but I've given "Tailgating Ideas" several times over the years.  But here are a few reminders and some new things to think about for future tailgating activities.

The first thing to do is "Plan" your tailgate ahead of time.  Then "Execute" that plan.  That means knowing your menu (food & beverage) and procuring everything you need (product & equipment) to pull it off.

Some things to think about as you do this is multiple coolers and extra bottles of water.  The multiple coolers are more for safety but also depending on the size of your group.  For safety, you want to keep the beverages cold but away from the food.  We don't want any cross-contamination with raw food and grabbing your favorite cold one.  The food should be in coolers too so that everything stays cold and safe. Raw foods should have their own cooler.  Again, think food safety.  All your condiments and prepared foods can share a cooler or two depending on amount.  Another cooler is needed if you are icing glasses for the serving of those adult beverages too.

I now most tailgate parties have many adult beverages.  Just remember moderation and who's driving after the game.  But in addition, you need to have plenty of bottled water.  Tailgating can go on for hours and you need to think "Hydrate" and those adult beverages don't help that.  So drink some water in between your adult beverages.  Out in the sun all day can be hard on your body and you do want to be around when the team wins to celebrate.

I've got two new recipes for this season's tailgating.  They are a snack I first had from my sister-in-law, Nadine and an adult beverage.  The "Caramel Nipples" are addictive so be careful.  The recipe for the adult beverage is for "Spicy Red Beer" by the pitcher.  If you have not tried a red beer before, you're in for a treat. below I've put links to previous recipes from the blog over the years that are great to use for tailgating.  Just click on the appropriate recipe to bring it up.

Snack items under "Odds & Ends Recipes" include; Guacamole (Villa del Arco) (V), Tomato Corn Salsa (V), Roasted Red Pepper & Artichoke Dip (V), Party Shrimp DipGouda Cheese Logs (V), Hot Spice Olives (V), Quick Sweet Dill Pickles (V) and Mango Salsa (V).

Under "Beverage Recipes" try one of these quantity sized drinks so all you have to do is pour.  Bloody Mary's (V), A Basic Sangria Recipe (V), Rum Party Punch (V) or Vodka Party Punch (V).

Under "Sandwich Recipes" try; Bacon & Cheddar Stuffed BurgersChicken BurgersPulled PorkGrilled Portobello Mushrooms (V) and Cuban Sandwich.  That's just a few of them.

Under "Entree Recipes" try; BBQ Shredded Beef (Slow Cooker)Grilled Chicken WingsJambalaya (Slow Cooker) or Pineapple & Kielbasa Kebabs.

I hope you got a few ideas out of this blog for all your upcoming "Tailgating Events" and "Happy Cooking" until next week.

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