Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Fruits & Vegetables

We're officially into fall and with that comes new in season fruits and vegetables.  In today's world most fruits and vegetables are now available year-round.  That's because they are in season somewhere in this world and are now shipped globally.  But I am based in the USA and will talk about what is normally available in the fall.

Some fruits that are harvested in the fall include grapes, cranberries and apples.  I'd have to say that apples are the first fruit to come to mind when you mention fall fruits.  The amazing thing about apples is all the variety that there is today.  When I was a little boy the only types of apples we know were "Granny Smith or Green Apples" and "Red Delicious Apples."  Those were the only two kinds you would fine in a grocery store back in the late 50's or early 60's.   Today there must be at least 20 different varieties of apples.  "Honey Crisps" are probably today's most popular and expensive apple type.

The apples today are all made for a particular need.  Some are very good for baking.  Others for being used raw in different dishes.  Some are better for making my "Apple Butter" than others.  But I still think it comes down to which ones meet your taste-bud requirements.  So enjoy whichever one (or ones) you like in all the ways you use them.  This week I have a recipe for "Stewed Apples" that is easy and tasty.

There are many fall vegetables to try and enjoy.  Potatoes, onions and sweet potatoes are a few that quickly come to mind.  There are four from the cabbage family.  Green and red cabbage of course, but also cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.  Another common one is the pumpkin too.  A few that will throw you off a bit are spinach, zucchini and Belgian endive.  I think most people think of these as spring or summer vegetables but they true season is fall.

One thing that all these vegetables have in common is they are very good for you.  They help fulfill daily needs of vitamins and also offer great anti-cancer properties.  There is a reason we are told to eat many servings of fruits and vegetables each day.  I know some people can be a little picky about what fruits and vegetables they will eat.  Fine, if you won't try a wide variety of them at least eat a lot of the ones you do like.

My second recipe this week is for "Oven Roasted Fall Vegetables" which are good and healthy for you. You can always mix it up a little with other vegetable choices if you're afraid to try a few of them.

So enjoy these recipes or try other ones calling for fall fruits and vegetables.  In the mean time, "Happy Cooking" until next week.

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