Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More on Breakfast for Dinner

Thought I'd start off with a couple of photos of the important women in my life.  The one is my mother and wife at the wedding of our son.  The other is my daughter and blog assistant (granddaughter) at the night before wedding event.  I'm a lucky man to have them all in my life.
Wife & Mother at wedding
Granddaughter (blog assistant) & Daughter

Everyone loves to eat breakfast.
But many just don't do it in the morning when they get up for the day.  Then there are those who work/live different shifts so when they get up it''s not the typical morning hours.

Even though "Breakfast" is the most important (or should be) meal of the day, many skip it or do it poorly.

I know I've written about breakfast before and how it makes a great meal anytime of the day.  But I'm going to repeat myself a little today because I feel that strongly about it.

Many of us like to go out for a meal at IHOP, Village Inn or Perkins (to name  a few) or other places that serve breakfast around the clock.  For some reason, everyone loves to have someone else make us breakfast. It's not that breakfast is difficult to make, but it is hard to have the variety of items that you can get at a restaurant.  That might be the biggest motivating reason for it being so popular with everyone.

Let's forget the first meal of the day after you awake for the day. Instead, let's consider enjoying those favorite breakfast items at a different time of the day.  I'm going to talk about preparing these dishes for dinner time (or even lunch).

Why have breakfast at dinner (Supper) time?  I've got three (3) quick answers.  First, I've already mentioned it but it's because everyone loves breakfast foods.  Second, it can help you save on your food budget.  Breakfast dishes are usually a less expensive to make than your normal dinner menus.  I think everyone should have breakfast for dinner once every week.  Third, it's difficult to get everyone to sit down to a meal of breakfast in the morning.  Everyone is rushing around getting ready for work, school or something.  People are not on the same schedule in the morning, so sitting down together is impossible.

To make it more fun (or at least interesting) have a different family member (roommate) be responsible for the meal each week.  This usually helps individuals develop a breakfast specialty they like to make and eat.  It gives more variety to your menus and people don't get sick of having the same thing week after week.

There is also the opportunity to try new recipes or combinations of dishes to find that perfect menu rotation.  You can learn new techniques or procedures as a group.  That helps everyone with their cooking for the future.  Especially the younger ones before they move on (and out) with their lives.

This week's recipes are "Baked Brunch Casserole" and "French Toast Sandwich w/Bacon & Cheese."  I hope you enjoy these recipes or your adjustment of them. While you're at it.  If you have a special or favorite breakfast recipe you would like to share, just let me know.  I'd be happy to post it for others to enjoy too.

In the mean time, "Happy Cooking" until next week.

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