Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Party Drinks for Super Bowl

This year's "Super Bowl" is being played outside in an open stadium.  To make it worse, the stadium is in a cold climate (New York City).  I hope if any of you are somehow going to the game, you get a warmish day. But it is most likely going to be cold.

So you better plan on hot beverages (adult or not) to help keep you warm throughout the long day.  For those of you who will not be going but still watching and/or partying that day.  I hope you have enough sense to do it inside a warm location if you're not in a tropical area.

Most Super Bowl parties involve adult beverages.  So do some planning on what you would like to consume and/or offer to guests.  In doing so, remember to make and try to keep an affordable budget.

Individual drinks are hardest on that budget.  Maybe you might want to think of less expensive ways.  You might even just want to make life easier for everyone by having large dispensers (even punch bowls) for the beverages.

I have a couple of recipes for you this week that might help.  They might be just enough different that the flavor will be new and exciting to most.  You can't please everyone no matter how hard you try.  But I do believe that the majority will love them.

The first is a "Pomegranate Party Punch" on Wednesday and Pomegranates are a hot food choice right now.  The other on Thursday will be for something called "House Punch" and it's tasty too.

Now I already have several good beverage recipes in the "Drink Recipes" tab.  Here are some quick links to them; A Basic Sangria Recipe (V), Bloody Mary's (V), Dark & Stormy (V), Gina's Super Bowl Punch (V), Rum Party Punch (V) and Vodka Party Punch (V) A hot drink recipe one is Hot Spiced Cider (V).

I hope you enjoy some of these recipes at your Super Bowl party or some other fun event.  Until next week, "Happy Cooking" and may your team (at least for that day) wins.

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