Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Two Different Salsa Verde Recipes

I think everyone loves “Salsa” these days.  You can get it in varying degrees of “Spice” depending on your heat threshold.  It comes anywhere from pureed to extremely chunky too.

Tomato based is the majority in variety.  But it comes so many different ways as well.  Mango salsa, peach salsa and pineapple salsa are just a few of the fruit based salsas you will find.  Corn and bean based are popular too.

In fact, I have the recipe for the best tomato based salsa in my cookbook, “More Than Your First Cookbook” and you can adjust the heat to meet your palate.  Also, under the “Odds and Ends” recipe tab above is a great mango salsa recipe.

But this week I have two “Green Salsas” made from “Tomatillos.”  They are like green tomatoes but much different.

The green salsa is called “Salsa Verde” and it works with everything.  Just like the tomato based salsa, there are many different varieties to try or make.

I’m offering two different types as well.  They are “Salsa Verde #1” on Wednesday.  Followed by “Salsa Verde #2” on Thursday.

They offer different heat levels and flavor.  They both use tomatillos, jalapenos, white onion and cilantro.  But that ends the similarities.  One uses avocado and the other doesn’t.  One uses many different spices and the other doesn’t.

So you get two distinct flavors and both are quite tasty.  Same as other salsas, you can adjust the heat level to meet your needs.

Be sure to give both a try and then go with the one you like best.  “Happy Cooking” until next week and please spread the link to others.  Thanks.

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