Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Grilling Recipes before the Snow Flies

It’s October and that means “Snow” becomes a possibility (at least in parts of the USA).  But don’t put the “Grills” away yet.  I have a couple of great steak recipes for you to try before seeing that white stuff.

Actually, I grill year-round.  I just make adjustments to cooking times because of the outdoor temperature.  There is no need to let the weather dictate your cooking methods.

The first recipe uses a marinade with a little “Tequila” in it.  Of course, flank steak is great with marinades, so we have “Tequila Steak” on Wednesday.

Thursday, I’ve a recipe using ribeye steaks.  Although you could use a different type steak if desired.  Two things add to this being a special treat.  We use a “Steak butter” on it after it’s cooked.  Then we top it with a “Red Onion Jam” for more great flavor.

It’s simply called “Ribeye with Grilled Onion Jam” and you can check it out on Thursday.

Remember that your grill, smoker, fire-pit or whatever outdoor cooking devise you have can be used year-round for greater enjoyment.  So get out there and give it a try.

“Happy Cooking” until next month.  Please help spread the link to “Cabana Boy Cooks” to family and friends.

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