Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Try some Soup as Fall is Here

I don’t know about where you live but I can see “Fall” is coming to our area.  The trees are starting to turn.  The fields are about ready for harvest.  And there is a nip in the air that means fall weather is upon us.

I happen to love “Soups” actually all year-round.  But the start of fall really gets me pumped for soup.  Hopefully you enjoy soup too.

I’m always looking for new or different versions of soups, stews and chiles.  So I have a couple of good ones for you this week.

Being Irish, I’m happy to try different potato soups.  On Tuesday, I have “Irish Potato Soup” for you to give a taste.  There’s a little Irish ale in it too.

Thursday has a twist on tomato soup.  “Tomato Soup with White Beans” may sound a little funny, but it tastes great.

Remember, when making soups and such, you don’t have to be exact in your measuring of most ingredients.  You can also throw in some other odds and ends to clean out the frig of partially filled items or even leftovers.  That’s part of the fun with soup making.

Well enjoy these and others under the “soup tab” above for recipes.  “Happy Cooking” and stay warm this fall.  Remember to share the link with others interested in cooking.  Thanks.

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