Tuesday, September 13, 2016

French Toast Anyone?

I think most people think “Eggs and Pancakes” when you mention what to have for “Breakfast.”  But there are so many ways to do “French Toast” that you need to try this dish more often.

Just the choice of what bread to use is daunting.  Your big bakery sliced breads probably lead the way with their white, wheat and Texas toast.  But that seems boring to me.

There are French and Italian breads to slice and use.  But how about trying some breads like; challah, brioche or a cinnamon bread (maybe even with raisins).

Now you have the custard or egg mixture do make.  I prefer this simple.  Just eggs, milk, a little sugar and ground cinnamon.  You can get more elaborate using different milks.  Heavy cream and buttermilk come to mind.

You can fry the French Toast in a pan or on a griddle.  French Toast can be done in the oven too.  In fact, this week’s recipes are for the oven.

Wednesday’s “Overnight French Toast” and Thursday’s “Orange Oven French Toast” besides being done in the oven, need to be flipped halfway through the process.

In my cookbook, I offer a basic recipe for the stovetop and a casserole style for the oven.

By the way, my cookbook, “More Than Your First Cookbook,” is now available through “Google” library in a PDF file if you are interested.

“Happy Cooking” until next week and please be sure to share the link with family and friends.  Thanks.

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