Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Minnesota Hot Dish Season Coming Up

I know I've mentioned "Minnesota Hot Dish" before on this food blog.  But with the coming of fall, it becomes the season (fall through winter) for everyone to start thinking about which hot dishes they might make this year.

I know many will just stick to their usual traditional ones.  That's good to do but it gets a little boring.  I'm suggesting that everyone tries at least one new to them hot dish recipe this season.

A reminder to everyone not familiar with "Hot Dish"  recipes.   A hot dish is just another name for what most people call a "Casserole" dish.  Now granted in Minnesota, a hot dish has some rules as to what ingredients must be in them.  Technically it should have a can or two of "Cream of Something Soup" in it.  I think originally it had to have "Tatar Tots" too.

Now I've  only been living in Minnesota for just over 3 years.  So I  may have some of this wrong.  But when someone asks you to bring a hot dish to an event, they are checking it out pretty close to make sure it's acceptable.

I recently came into possession of a church produced cookbook that contained many hot dish recipes.  I found two that I thought sounded interesting and will give them a try this fall.  I don't post a recipe that I haven't tried with few exceptions.  I have a few ingredients that I don't care to eat.  So I'll have others try or taste it for me.  This week because of some things that came up, I wasn't able to get that done.  So these two recipes have not been tested by me or a close associate.

Another interesting fact about these two recipes is they don't have a cream of something soup in them either.  Actually that's one of the reasons why I picked them.  They don't use tatar tots either.

Tomorrows recipe is for "Company Hot Dish" and it uses noodles.  On Thursday, it will be "Pizza Hot Dish" and it too uses noodles in the recipe.  As I stated, the recipes look interesting and sound tasty to me.  So I'll be trying them right along with you this time.

So until next week, "Happy Cooking" and please share my food blog link with others.  Thank you.

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