Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Enjoy Baking Bread

I'm sorry to say but I completely forgot to do today's blog post.  So I'm making it a short one.

Fall  reminds me of bread baking in our house as a young boy.  My mother baked twice a week year-round but fall is where my memories are best.

So I offer up two different types of baked breads for you this week (I didn't forget the recipes).  The first is a traditional style yeast bread that requires kneading.  It is a tasty "Swedish Rye Bread" recipe.  You can find many different recipes for this bread but I like this one.

Thursday's recipe is for "Bacon-Cheese Bread" which is a batter or quick bread.  A batter or quick bread is usually just stirred up, poured into a loaf pan and baked.  There is a "Pumpkin Bread" recipe in the "Desserts & Baking" recipe tab that is great for this time of the year too.

Enjoy and "Happy Cooking" until next week.

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