Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March is Coming

The month of March is almost upon us.  We have to get through an extra day of February (leap year) first.  One of my 1st cousins once removed will be 8 years old (really 32) on Wednesday.  Happy Birthday, Kyle!!!  Most of us probably don't know too many "Leap Year" babies.

Well, back to March.  Surprisingly, March is a very busy month.  The first big thing is "Daylight Savings Time" starts.  We get an extra hour of light in the evening.  I still haven't fully adjusted to the move from April but I better get ready.  Remember to change batteries (Smoke Detectors) that weekend.  We "Spring Forward" on Sunday morning (2:00 AM) the 11th.

Basketballs "March Madness" starts this month too.  Many people will be filling out their brackets and hoping their team can win it all.  In my area, there are Missouri and Kansas fans fighting over who is the best and which one will go further.  My hopes are on another area team.  My team is Creighton University out of Omaha, Nebraska.  I graduated from there a few (many) years ago.

Spring comes this month.  Hopefully that will mean no more snow or cold temps.  However, I'm not holding my breath on that thought.  I am looking forward to seeing nature come alive again.  My wife loves seeing all the new born animals.  Especially the farm ones.

Now for the most important thing that happens in March!  I'm Irish so you must know what that means.  It's St. Patrick's Day (March 17th) and the start of my 2 day birthday celebration.  I missed St. Patrick's Day by 5 minutes.  So I've always made it a big 2 day event.  We just don't have numbers associated with it anymore.

Being Irish and March coming, there will be 3 days of recipes.  An easy slow cooker "Corned Beef & Cabbage" dinner.  Then two recipes of "Glazed Corned Beef" & "Steam Fried Cabbage."  On Friday, I have an "Irish Soda Bread" recipe that is very easy and will go well with either of the dinners above.  Be sure to check them out and pass them on.  That's why I'm doing it early.

Have a great week and I forgot to mention the "Northwest Missouri State University" men's basketball team as they begin their tournament road to a chance for a national championship in Division II.  GO BEARCATS!

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