Friday, February 10, 2012

Citrus Salad (Mexico)

Citrus Salad (Mexico)
Entrée Size
(2 servings)


1 each Fresh Red Grapefruit
1 each Fresh Orange
1 each Fresh Mango (optional)
1 each Fresh Pear
½ Cooked Rotisserie Chicken (from store)
¼ cup Walnuts, chopped (candied-optional)
2 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
1 tsp. Balsamic Vinegar
juice from the Fresh Orange
to taste Salt & black Pepper
2 heads Romaine Lettuce, chopped


Using a sharp knife, segment the grapefruit and orange into a medium size bowl.  To segment do the following.  Slice off the top and bottom of the orange just enough to remove the skin.  Then place the orange with the cut bottom placed on the cutting board.  Start by slicing, from the top to bottom, all the skin away from the orange to expose the flesh.  Now holding the orange in your hand, take the knife (paring size) and slice into the flesh next to the segment skin towards the center.  On that same segment, now slice into the flesh against the inside of the segment skin on that same segment.  This should allow the orange wedge you have just cut to should fall into the bowl below.  Repeat this process all the way around the orange until all the segments have been cut away.  Now set the remains of the orange aside for later and repeat the process with the grapefruit.  Peal and core the pear (and Mango, if using) and dice into cubes.  Put in bowl with the orange and grapefruit.  Take the chicken and remove the meat from the bones and dice.  Add the chicken meat and nuts to the bowl with fruit.  In a small bowl, place the EVOO, vinegar and the juice from squeezing the remains of the orange.  Whisk this mixture with a wire whip until incorporated.  Add salt and pepper to taste to the dressing and mix with all the items in the fruit bowl.  Place Romaine on dinner plates and top with the fruit and chicken mixture.  Serve with some good bread.

Note:               On the walnuts, you can use other nuts if you prefer.  You can
                           also candy the nuts by placing sugar (about a 1/8 of a cup) to
                           the ¼ cup of nuts in a dry sauté pan over medium heat.  Stir
                           the mixture until it caramelizes and then let cool.  Break the nut
                           mixture up and use in the salad.

Note:               You can skip the chicken and divided the salad into smaller
                           portions to use as a side salad with a meal too.

Note:               You can substitute fresh spinach for the romaine if you desire.

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