Thursday, February 23, 2012

A little Information on Tofu for Cooking

Vegetarians, no matter which type, need to get protein from a source other than animal products.  So they look to items in the "Whole Grain" area like Quinoa, Brown Rice and Barley.  These are all an excellent source of protein.  Quinoa is 100% whole-grain but is really a seed.  The following link tells you how to cook it.  How-to-cook-Quinoa-perfectly

Another group for protein source are beans, lentils and legumes.  Black beans are one of the best for protein from this group.  Legumes are from the pea family for those not familiar with the name.

Nuts, seeds and nut-butters are another area for a protein source.

Then there is "Tofu" that is very popular among vegetarians.  Tofu is made from Soybean milk that is fermented.  There are basically two types of tofu, regular and silken (Japanese style).  The regular type of tofu is made to hold it's shape, whereas the silken type is creamier and melts into the product you are making.

In the regular tofu (also known as Chinese style or bean curd) group, the tofu can range from medium-firm to extra-firm texture.  This type of tofu can be baked, sauteed or deep fried for use in many dishes.  Tofu has the ability to pickup the flavor of whatever it is being used with in a dish or recipe.

The silken type of tofu is great to use in desserts and sauces.  It has the ability to blend into any recipe, so cakes, cookies, etc. come out great.

So hopefully you have gained a little knowledge over the last two days about a vegetarian life style.  Maybe it will get you to try tofu or use some of the other protein sources more.  Even become a vegetarian of some type.  I like using the term "Vegetarian for the Day."  I can't get with the full-time life style but do enjoy  one of two days a week of going meatless.  Please let me know if you have more questions on the subject or have something to contribute to the our topic this week.

Tomorrow has a delicious recipe for "Pasta with Tomato & Olive" and is vegetarian.  Have a great day!

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