Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Last Week's Happenings & Guest Dietitian This Week

I had a fun week doing a dinner for 8 very nice ladies and going to a Chocolate Party on Saturday night.

Thursday night I cooked a 5 course dinner with items from my cookbook and this food blog.  The ladies loved it.  I did Crab Cakes and Garlic Bread from the blog.

The cookbook items included Cream of Broccoli (Cauliflower) Soup.  The recipe in the cookbook is for Broccoli but in one of the notes it mentions using Cauliflower instead.  When using Cauliflower the pieces are larger and so I used my stick blender to break them up.  You could puree it but I like leaving some tiny pieces.  My wife sampled it and likes it better than the Broccoli version.

Continuing, I served Jane's Salad & Dressing, the Pasta & Shrimp entree and closed with the Cinnamon Cake recipe with a little Vanilla Ice Cream.

Then on Saturday night, we went to the Annual Chocolate Party we have been attending for years with our friends.  I made the Party Shrimp Dip and served it with 2 different crackers.  There wasn't any left and I had made a double recipe.  This recipe is from the blog as is the other recipe for that night.

I made Fran's Bars but deviated to the notes again.  The original recipe calls for yellow cake mix and chocolate chips.  I had mentioned in the blog a week or so ago that someone had tried the recipe but changed out the yellow for chocolate cake mix and used peanut-butter chips in place of chocolate ones.  Well if you like chocolate and peanut-butter, this is for you.

This week we have a Guest Dietitian on the blog.  She is the wife of one of my nephews.  She has been a Dietitian for 10 years and has recently become egg intolerant.  So she is going to address this issue and give a great recipe that deals with the problem.

Have a great week and tell someone or share the blog with friends.  Thanks.

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