Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year & Thank You!

I would like to start off the new year by wishing everyone that is following my blog, a "Happy New Year" and may it bring you and yours a great 2012.

We had a mixed holiday season with the death on my last uncle on Christmas Day and finding out that our first grandchild will be a girl.  My uncle had a great life of 90 years and raised a fine family with my aunt.  We all have wonderful memories to reflect on and share as we continue on with each of our life adventures.

As far as the granddaughter to come (May) is concerned, I've got time to plan how I can best spoil her and help give support as she grows.  My daughter and son-in-law may be worried that I have started planning already. However, I plan to enjoy my first grandchild and hopefully she me.

I would like to thank everyone that purchased one of my new cookbooks.  I really feel humbled by it and hope that all of you enjoy the results of the cookbook as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you.  I am hearing good comments from people all over.  If you do enjoy the cookbook, please remember to tell family and friends about it and this blog.

I know a lot of people received my cookbook for Christmas this year.  I hope you all will enjoy and use it often.  If you did not receive a signed copy, I would be happy to sign it for you sometime in the future.  In fact, if you are in St. Joseph, Missouri this Saturday you can catch me at Hazel's Gourmet Coffee & Tea Shop.  I am doing a book singing there from 1:00 to 3:00 PM on January 7th.  Hazel's is located at the corner of Woodbine & Fredrick, just across the street from Applebee's.  I will be selling & signing books there and sampling the "Creamed Scones" recipe from the cookbook.  So please stop by and try one.

Tomorrow's blog has some comments from several cookbook owners and users.  Remember to check in and  see what they have to say about the cookbook.  Thursday will talk about New Year Resolutions and being healthy this coming year.  The recipe on Friday will be something on the healthy side.  My wife will glad to see it doesn't contain butter or heavy cream.  But that won't last for long.  Remember, everything in moderation as my dietitians always say.

Have a great week and again best to you in 2012.

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