Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Super Bowl Party Food & Drink

I would like to "THANK" all of you for helping me break the 5,000 mark on hits to this blog.  "Cabana Boy Cooks" has only been up and running for 40 weeks.  Today starts the41st week and we are now averaging over 200 hits a week.  The blog hits have more than doubled since the release of the cookbook in late October.  Again, "Thank you" for the support.

My first article in the Nodaway News Leader has appeared.  The feedback that I'm getting is very favorable and  people are excited about the column coming each month.  I sure hope it helps some get cooking and gain a little knowledge about their way around the kitchen.

In this week's blog, I'm doing 4 recipes to hopefully help you with planning your "Super Bowl Party."  I had planned on having another "Guest Chef" this week but we're running a little behind.  The "Guest Chef" will be the following week and so I moved the "Super Bowl Party" stuff up a week.

When planning a party (big or small), you can't leave everything to the last minute.  The 2 snack/food recipes this week can be made the day before and are really quite easy.  They will appear on Wednesday and Thursday in the blog.  The "Easy Guacamole" recipe is so much better than buying one of the pre-made ones from the store.  "Party Shrimp Dip" is the other recipe.  It is easy to make and can use a variety of dipping tools (crackers, pita chips, toasted or grilled pita wedges and even fresh vegetables).

On Friday's blog, I have 2 punch recipes.  If you are going to do more than just offer beer and wine as a beverage at your party, these make good sense.  Both recipes can be made with or without alcohol in them.  The punches can help to cut down costs over individual beverages such as canned soda (pop) for the younger ones or those of age ones not into alcohol.  Both recipes start with the same base but have other ingredients that give you a totally different taste.

I guess by my putting these out a week sooner than planned, you could even give them a test run for the Divisional Championships this coming weekend.  That way you can taste and decide if you want them as part of your "Super Bowl Party" on February 5th.

Have a great week and I hope all your teams win and move on towards the big game.  My WIFE says "GO PACKERS" as she is originally from Wisconsin.  I believe she has even bought me a Green Bay Packer's shirt this year.  Happy Cooking & Eating!

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