Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter is Soup Season

I really like soups and actually eat them year 'round.  Most are hot soups but I do like a change of pace once in a while and try a few cold soups.  Especially when some ingredients are in season.

The thing I like about soups is that they are so filling.  A bowl of a good hearty soup and a nice piece (chunk) of earthy bread really makes a meal.  And most soups are good for you compared to other food options.  They also taste better with a day or two of age on them.  Many soups freeze well so it makes sense to make a good sized batch.  Eat some now and freeze some for later.  That frozen soup makes for a quick meal when life dictates the need.

It is currently the winter season and during this season, soup sales pick up.  A hot bowl of soup on a cold wintry day warms the body and soul.  Everyone gets into soups (which includes chilies and stews) at this time of year.  However, if you haven't tried them during the other 3 seasons you're missing out.

I have two favorite places for soup if I'm eating out.  They are the Olive Garden for their all-you-can-eat "Soup, Salad & Bread Sticks" menu item and Panera's for their "Pick Two" menu.  The "Pick Two" gives you a cup of soup with half a sandwich or half a salad.

My cookbook "More Than Your First Cookbook" has 12 soup, chili & stew recipes in it.  With the 2 soup recipes coming on Thursday and Friday, this blog has 6 more soup recipes.  If none of these (and I doubt that) trip your trigger (taste buds), then there are many more recipes out there for you to try.  Whichever, please give soups their due as you might find out that you really like them.

One more thing on soups.  They are fairly easy to make and maybe even a little fun.

The two recipes this week are "Clam Chowder" on Thursday and "Potato Soup" on Friday.  Enjoy!

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