Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cookbook Reviews on "More Than Your First Cookbook."

My wife and I have both heard from many new owners of my new cookbook "More Than Your First Cookbook" and followers of the "Cabana Boy Cooks" blog.

To date, I have had only one negative comment.  That had to do with NO pictures.  I told them to check the cookbook and read why there are NO pictures.  They understood why after checking.  They still wanted photos because that is how they pick out recipes to try.  I understood that because I will do that too.  But cooking is about taste first and photos later.

I've picked just four people to give you an idea of what we are hearing.  I would like to thank them and all the others for their feedback.  It helps a great deal as I continue the blog and other opportunities.  Please read, enjoy and pass these comments on to other family members and friends.  Thank you.

I've had "More that Your First Cookbook" for about three weeks now and have made over a dozen recipes for my husband, son (9), and daughter (6).  A lot of the recipes contain ingredients that I currently have in my kitchen.  I now make a shopping list for the week by picking out 5-6 recipes I would like to try.  It has lowered my weekly grocery budget and has taken the guess work out of what I'm going to make for dinner after working all day!  My son particular loves it.  He rates all the recipes and has enjoyed trying new things.  Right now his favorites are the meatball sub, beef enchiladas and of course homemade chicken strips.  Very kid friendly cooking but also contains some great recipes for the parents!  Sharlet Dumke

I want to congratulate you on super cookbook, “More Than Your First Cookbook”.  I thought I really did not need another cookbook, but after reading part of my daughter’s I knew I had to have one also.  I think of myself as a seasoned cook after years of cooking for my family of ten, but you have included tips and recipes for people of  all ages.   I learned several things in just the few pages I skimmed and I could not wait to read the whole book.  I recommend your cookbook to everyone that cooks, regardless of age or cooking ability.  This is the most complete cookbook I have ever had the privilege of owning.  Congratulation on a job well done!  Linda Dakan

Barry, I have your cookbook and love it.  In fact, your cookbook "More Than Your First Cookbook" is now my "go to" gift for weddings and/or showers.  It is a very helpful cookbook for new and inexperienced people in the kitchen. Lauren Leach-Steffens

Hi Barry!  While I was waiting for your cookbook to come out in print, I would check out your blog "Cabana Boy Cooks", and try the recipes you posted.  One of our favorites is the fried chicken recipe where you soak the chicken pieces in buttermilk and hot sauce.  Tad doesn't generally like fried chicken, but he loves this!!  We also tried using the buttermilk and hot sauce when making chicken fried steak, which I think is a recipe in your cookbook, and that is wonderful, too!  You did a wonderful job on this cookbook -- we love all the recipes we've tried!  Thanks!  Susan Henggeler

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