Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Some More Gluten-Free Baked Goods

I know the title says GF baked goods, but these a little different.  First, I have a recipe for "GF Waffles" and then some fried "GF Banana Fritters" this week.  So technically they are not baked.

They are, however, very tasty and worth trying sometime.

I have found that finding tasty bakery type products that are Gluten-Free is difficult.  They don't have the same taste profile of gluten filled items.  Many seem a little grainy when you eat them.  They are more dense.  They're just different from what you may have been use to in your past eating habits.

Are this week's recipes any different?  Yes and no.  The waffle is actually a "Cornbread Waffle (GF)" so it's different to begin with from your traditional waffle.  But it has a great taste and gives you maybe more options for toppings than you would regularly use.

You also might want to try the suggestion in the second "Note" on the recipe.  It adds bacon to the picture.

The "Banana Fritters (GF)" are good just because anything "Fried" is good.  And you can put these on a stick and pretend you're at a "County or State Fair" as you eat them.

So please give these a try and, of course, pass them on to others.  Thanks for that.  Be sure to let me know what they go for you too.  "Happy Cooking"  until next week and thanks again for viewing my food blog.

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