Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Few More Items for the Grill

Before "Grilling Season" ends, I have a couple more recipes for you to try.  Now for me, grilling season never ends as I grill year-round.

Weather conditions don't stop me.  One year I grilled during a 17 inch snowfall.  It was a spring one and so not that bad.  I even have a headlamp I use during the winter months when it gets dark early.

This week's recipes could be served before dinner as an appetizer or during the meal.  In fact, one of them could be your entrée.

I'm one that believes you can't have enough recipes for your grill.  So how about trying "Grilled Jalapeno Boats" sometime.  They are stuffed with macaroni and Velveeta cheese and wrapped in bacon.  Personally, I don't think they are as spicy as some think.  If you're one not into spicy, try using a different type of pepper.  There those with less heat and even some without any heat.  That recipe is on Wednesday.

"Sweet and Sticky Chicken Legs" comes on Thursday.  Now you could use chicken wings or thighs for this recipe too.  It uses a marinade of balsamic vinegar, honey, soy sauce, garlic and thyme.

Both recipes this week and many others for grilling can be converted to the oven too.  You just need to make some adjustments to do them inside.  Temperature, length of time and parts of the process need to be considered when going to the oven.

Well enjoy these and the many others grilling recipes I offer in the recipe tabs.  Until next week, "Happy Cooking" and please share the link with family and friends too.  Thanks.

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