Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sweet Cherry Season

It’s “Sweet Cherry Season” and you can’t beat them for a summer favorite fruit in my opinion.  Just grab some fresh cherries, rinse them and start eating.  If you are outside, I guess you could have a pit spitting contest to see who can go the farthest.  But I wouldn’t do that in front of the children, they may follow suit.

There are several varieties of sweet cherries most of which come out of the northwest area of the USA.  Mainly Washington and Oregon.  The two most popular varieties are “Bing” and “Rainier” cherries.

Fresh sweet cherries are usually just eaten straight away, but there are recipes to use them in too.

I’m offering up two this week.  The first is a French dessert called “Cherry Clafoutis” and that’s Wednesday’s recipe.  It is cherries in a flan type custard.

On Thursday, you can try “Cherry Flatbread” for something different.  It uses chickpea flour instead of all-purpose with ricotta and gorgonzola cheeses and arugula.

For those of you that eat Gluten-Free, with one change in the Calfoutis, they are both available for you to enjoy as well.

Even for today.  “Happy Cooking” until next week and enjoy trying these recipes.  Remember to share the link with others.  Thanks.

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