Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Cole Slaws that are a Little Different

One of the most popular side dishes in the summer is “Cole Slaw.”  It’s probably second only to “Potato Salad” during this season.  During grilling and picnic season, these two are very popular.

For both of them, there are countless recipes and variations to be found and used.  This week I’m just looking at cole slaw.  In the coming weeks I’ll offer some potato salad recipes too.

I’d say that about 98% of the cole slaw recipes call for a cabbage of some type.  Your basic green cabbage is the base for most.  The red cabbage is usually added for color and a little more nutrition.

Cole slaws usually have either a mayonnaise or vinegar base to their dressings.  This week’s recipes are both vinegar based.  The popularity of yogurt these days has added that ingredient to the mix for based too.

Tomorrow’s recipe of “Raman Noodle Cole Slaw” uses beef Raman noodles in both the slaw mix and the dressing.  I suppose you could use other flavorings of the Raman noodles to give you a different taste profile.

On Thursday, “Summer Cloe Slaw” is the recipe and it uses pear-infused white balsamic vinegar to make its flavor profile a little different.

Be sure to try one of these recipes or some other cole slaw recipe that might inspire your taste buds.

So until next week “Happy Cooking” and be sure to share the link to these and other great tasting recipes and information.  Thanks again for checking in with my “Cabana Boy Cooks” food blog.

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