Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hot and Cold Potato Salads

Last week I had said that “Potato Salad” recipes would be coming in a couple of weeks.  Well, I looked at the calendar and realized that summer in the USA is over half gone.  So I figured I better move the potato salad recipes up so you have time to use them yet this summer.

I’m sure everyone one has a potato salad recipe and that most are different from any of the others.  Actually, that is one of the best things about potato salad.  Variety is the spice of life.

I already have 3 potato salad recipes on this food blog and all have a different taste profile.  So this week I’m adding two more.

The first (Wednesday) is one for a basic “German Potato Salad” and if you are not familiar it’s served warm.  German potato salads use vinegar as their base in the dressing or coating of the potatoes.

On Thursday, I’m offering a “Red Potato Salad” that uses both a vinaigrette and mayonnaise base for its coating.  In this recipe you can slice or cube your potatoes depending on the look you want to present to your fellow eaters.

For any of you that require “Gluten-Free” food, both can be made GF by using the correct substitutions in the recipes.

I hope that you will try and like these recipes.  I also hope that you will share them with others.

Thank you and “Happy cooking” until next week.

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