Tuesday, March 1, 2016

College Basketball's March Maddness is Coming

It’s “March Madness” in college basketball.  We will play 67 (I believe) games ending in the championship game in April for NCAA Division I basketball.  And that doesn’t even count all the conference tournaments that will be played to see who gets in.

There are 10 days of games not counting the play-in games to finish out the 64 teams that will via for the title.  It also doesn’t take in all the other college basketball games being played in Division II or III and the NAIA tournaments.  It’s a wild month for basketball.

So what does this have to do with a food blog?  Well there’s lots of opportunities for basketball watching parties in your home or that of a friend or family member.

If you are having or going to more than one bb watching parties, you don’t want to offer the same food.  That could get boring.

So I have a couple of new dips/salsas this week for you to give a try.  Wednesday recipe, “Black Bean Salsa” is a different twist on salsas for you.  Then on Thursday, try “White Bean Hummus” for a different night or food theme.

Speaking of planning, don’t forget the approximately 500 other recipes in the “Recipe Tabs” above.  They contain a wide variety of dishes and beverages to try for one of the March Madness nights.

I’m hoping my team gets in but they are on the outside of the bubble right now.  They need to win out or take their conference tournament.  But there will be other teams I’ll be rooting for at least in the games I have them picked to win.

“Happy Cooking” and enjoy the games and the food/drink during this month of fun and upsets.

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