Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Last Soups of the Season

Winter is coming to an end…We are about done with those hearty soups and stews we’ve been eating all winter.  Well as spring has just hit us, I have two soups for you to try before it gets too warm.
They are both hearty ones.  And just because we have recently celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, they both have potatoes in them.  What can I say, I’m Irish.
The first one, tomorrow, is “Italian Potato Soup” and has tomatoes, onions and pancetta too. 
Then on Thursday, the recipe is for “German Chicken Soup with Dumplings” and actually doesn’t call for any chicken meat.  All though if you check the 2nd note in the recipe, it does tell about adding some chicken if you desire.
The dumplings used here can be made and used in other dishes as well.  Just be sure your baking powder is not old.  It loses it strength as it ages.
The other ingredient mentioned in the dumplings, really needs to be fresh grated.  That is the nutmeg.  Buy the whole little nutmeg shells and use a fine grater.  It gives you the fresh flavor of the nutmeg.  The fresh nutmeg looks like a small walnut and you just grate it as is.  So much better flavor then using the ground nutmeg from the spice isle.
Well, enjoy these soup recipes and “Happy Cooking” until next week.  I’ve got a couple of gluten-free baking recipes for you that week.

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