Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's Cooking for Easter?

Easter is coming fast and if you are the one(s) hosting Easter Day, you better start planning.  The two meals that are big on Easter Sunday are a great brunch or a big holiday dinner.

A good brunch usually includes mainly breakfast dishes and one or two dinner items.  I have some great recipes in my cookbook for an Easter Brunch.  You might want to try the "Double Cinnamon Baked French Toast" or the "Quiche Lorraine" as the star dish.  Serve both if you want, but you could add the "Breakfast Casserole" or "Matt's Ham Strata" to the mix.  If you don't do the casserole, try the "Scrambled Eggs Deluxe" for your egg dish.  You should serve either bacon or link sausage (or both) too.  Then for a dinner dishes, try the "Brown Sugar/Mustard Ham" (blog recipe tomorrow) and "Connie's Hash Brown Casserole."  Because Asparagus is already in season, it would make the perfect vegetable to go with this meal.  A recipe for Asparagus is in the cookbook too.  As you think about this meal, remember your oven only holds so much.  Most of the items above are needing the oven.  So you might want to ask guests to make a dish and give them one of the recipes that you've picked for the brunch.  Don't get stressed about this day.  Remember to have fun with it and invite help from those attending.  It makes for a great time even if there are a few screw ups during the day.

If you are having a full fledged dinner, the two most popular meats are ham and lamb (I have limited experience with lamb so we will save that for another day) for the main course.  I'd recommend trying the "Decadent Mashed Potatoes" (from cookbook), "Spicy Cream Corn" (blog) and the "Mandarin Orange Pudding" with tomorrow's ham recipe.  Add the "Deviled Eggs" from this Friday's blog for an extra touch.

So that you don't kill yourself and/or spend days cooking, remember you can always buy a few meal items to help balance everything.  If you have a good bakery and/or ice cream place, buy rolls or special loaf bread and maybe an ice cream cake for the out of the norm dessert.

It's all about planning and sharing the fun.

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