Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Great Website to Check Out & More

I have several events coming up in the next week.  On Saturday, I will be doing a book signing in Clarinda, Iowa at the "Garrison Coffee House" from noon to 2:00 PM.  The Garrison Coffee House is located at 106 N. 16th St. on the square.  Stop by and check out my GREEN socks for St. Patrick's Day and yes I'm Irish.

On Monday, I will be making "Crab Cakes" on the "Hometown This Morning Show" on KQ2 television.  I'm on between 6:45 and 7:00 AM.  Please watch and let me know how I'm doing.  Thanks.  If you miss it, I will try and get the link on next Tuesday's blog.

My wife sent me a link to a great food blog called Emily Bites.  I  checked it out and she has some great recipes for people watching what they eat.  We have tried several of her "Cupcake" recipes.  They're not your mother's cupcakes.  Two of the recipes we tried were called "Lasagna Cupcakes" and Cheeseburger Cupcakes" and they were very tasty.  She has many recipes that use a muffin tin to hold her cupcake and muffin recipes.  Please check Emily out and let her and me know what you think of her blog site.  Here is the link Emily Bites.  Thanks.

I had a few questions on last week's blogs about "Deep Frying" and will answer them in tomorrows blog.  It has to do with filtering the grease after you are done frying.  Be sure to read it.

My wife is a member of WeightWatchers and I'm sure that is where she got Emily's blog.  She also received an e-mail about a "3, 2, 1 Cake" recipe.  The funny thing was I had already received it from someone else and was going to tell her about it.

Well, we have tried the recipe and it is quick, easy and tasty.  What more could you ask?  To begin with, it is low-cal, it satisfies your snack need and you can mix up the flavors so it's not the same all the time.  It will be on the blog Thursday.

The recipe Friday is for "Flat Bread Pizza (Mexican Style)" and it is easy and quick too.  Please pass my blog link to all your friends and family.  Thanks and have a great week.

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