Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Working on Website

This past week we started working on my website at Tate Publishing.  For those of you that have already purchased the cookbook, I'm sure you noticed the my website mentioned on the back cover of the cookbook.
If you go there now it will just tell you the site is under construction.  Well we're working on the construction.

The website will have five pages; a home page, about the cookbook page, about the author page, an events page and a nutritional information page.  Those first three website pages will change over time but very little.

The events page is to let people know where and when I might be somewhere.  It will list all the up coming book signings, lectures, demonstrations and judging events that are scheduled.  An example of this would the "Soup Contest" at the Maryville, Missouri Hy-Vee grocery store.  I've been asked to be one of five judges to pick the soup of the year winner.  That judging date is October 11, 2011.

The nutritional information page will list that knowledge on all the recipes in the cookbook.  The layout is being planned to be in chapter order and recipe order in each chapter.  I had Julie Livengood, a registered dietitian, calculate the nutritional information and put it in a familiar format for you.

I'll let everyone know in the blog when the website goes live.

This week is about fall coming and the food choices that come with this season.  Also, two recipes this week. They are simple and easy with one about squash and the other for fish.  I've had several requests for a fish recipe.  I hope this will help.

Have a great week.

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