Thursday, August 25, 2011


In the dictionary, a Mandolin is a flute-like musical instrument with four to six pairs of strings.  Well, we're not talking about that kind of mandolin.

We're talking about one that you use in the kitchen.  It is basically a manual slicer.  If you have a food processor, it will do many of the same things that can be achieved with a mandolin.  However, the food processor doesn't give you the exact same slice each time.  A mandolin can and will give you perfect slices each time if that is what you want and need.
Mandolin with 3 slicing attachments

I have had my mandolin for a bunch of years.  It is from Pampered Chef and my daughter Beth gave it to me as a gift. It works great for me and you will notice in the photo that it comes with three (3) different cutting attachments.  There are two (2) different types of slicing attachments and one (1) attachment that shreds items for you.  I will generally use the slicing attachment that is third from the right in the lower row.  I use this when I want thin consistent slices.  In fact, I just used it to make my favorite "Refrigerator Pickles" this week.

I know that you can get a mandolin slicer on QVC.  David Venable, who hosts "In the Kitchen with David," shows one every Sunday noon time and Wednesday night.  Or at least it seems that way because every time I watch his show, he has one on.  The main reason for that is they are easy to use, safe and easy to clean.  Check David out and see if you want or need a mandolin.

Now I'm sure my other two favorite shopping places, Kohl's and Food Network, have them too.  But since I'm not looking for one, I''ve never paid attention and can't say for sure.

If you don't have one, put it on your wish list and maybe you'll get one for Christmas or your birthday.

Remember, tomorrow's recipe is for "Pulled Pork" and it is done in the oven and not in a smoker/grill.

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