Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Tuesday Update

This week and next are very busy weeks for me.  I've mentioned that I'm on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters Nodaway County.  This year I'm the chair of the Fund Raising Committee and we are having a raffle for a scooter that lasts until the end of September.  This week we start a big push for sales on the university campus as school begins.  Campus Activities at the university has asked me to do one of their "Late Night Thursday" programs on cooking.  So now I'm working on putting a program together for that function.  I'm also working on some cookbook promotions which includes some travel and, of course, writing this blog.

I am not complaining on all that is going on because I enjoy keeping busy.  It's just that everything seems to hit all at once.  I'm sure this sounds like your life too.  Just busy busy and then bam, you get hit with more.  I'm sure the new freshman are feeling that this week as they adjust to college life and classes.  Good luck with the new school year and enjoy your new experience.  College years in my opinion are the best years of your life.

The blog will be modified a little for these two weeks.  This week will have two (2) recipes with one on Thursday and then the usual one on Friday.  Cucumbers will be involved in both recipes.  I have been asked for the recipe I use for "Refrigerator Pickles" and a friend gave me a recipe for a "Cucumber Salad" which freezes well too.  Wednesday's blog is about wooden spoons & rubber spatulas.

Next week will have two (2) recipes too.  There will be an update on Tuesday and Wednesday will be on how to cut a fresh pineapple.  Then on Thursday and Friday we will have a new recipe each day.

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