Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cookbook has Arrived

My wife had ordered the cookbook the first day it became available.  Well it came yesterday right at 3 weeks from the date ordered.  She is thrilled but she is a little biased.

However, I have heard from many family and friends that they have received their cookbooks.  So far, all have been giving very positive responses to me on the cookbook.  Now I'm sure none of them are biased.  I mean family and friends are always straight with you.  Right?

So if you don't really fall into the family and friends category, let me know what you think of the cookbook.  Be sure to read at least some of it and make a few recipes before you respond, but please do respond.  We want to let everyone know this really is a good cookbook.  Then those who have not bought it will know it is worth their time and money.  Remember the link to buy it is at the top of the page.

Thank you for all your help in getting the word out about the cookbook.

On another subject, I had put out on my Facebook page this past week a goal of hitting 2,000 page views.  As of this moment, it looks like we will miss by a few.  The last total I saw was 1,983.  Those 17 views could still happen as it is just 4:00 PM as I write this blog. We still have around 12 hours before this blog comes out.  Please help spread the word on the Cabana Boy Cooks blog.  Thank you in advance.

This week I will try and answer a few more questions that have come to me.  Please keep the questions coming.

I see where Red Lobster is advertising their crab legs this month.  Well, I love crab and so this Friday's recipe will be my version of Crab Cakes and a sauce to go with them.  You can pan fry or bake these crab cakes.  Like anything else we eat, they taste better fried.  Enjoy them whichever way your diet lets you.  Have a great week ahead.

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