Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Cookbook

I'm going to assume that many of you are just like me, waiting for the cookbook to be delivered.  My wife ordered it within the hour of my finding out it was available through my publisher's website.  That was July 22 (Friday) and it did not come today, August 8 (Monday).  So we are somewhere between the two to three weeks that they stated.  Patience is a virtue we all need more in our lives.

I started a Twitter account yesterday.  It says @BarryBeacom is the account name.  I'm not sure what I will do with a twitter account but I'm learning technology that is new to me.  I've actually moved ahead of some of our children in this technology stuff.  And they used to tease me about not having a cell until 5 years ago.  I guess that when you go to do something, you might as well go "Whole Hog" or forget it.

Speaking of "Whole Hog", if you have never had the opportunity to go to a hog roast find one.  They are a unique and a great time.  It should be on your bucket list if you have started one.

I was just interrupted by my daughter.  She called to tell me that she received an e-mail telling her the cookbook she ordered has been shipped.  She ordered it the day after my wife.  I better check with my wife and see if she received an e-mail.  I'm going to guess that now that the shipping has started, the cookbook will  ship a little faster.  It always seems to take longer to get started and then you get into a rhythm.

Thanks to all of you that have ordered a cookbook, I sure hope you get it soon.  Please give me some feedback on it after you have had time to read it and try some of the recipes.

This week on the blog, I will be answering some questions from some of you.  The questions have to do with cooking oils, cucumbers and onions.  Then because of the questions on cucumbers and onions, the recipe this week is for a Cucumber Soup.  The soup is in season and can be served hot or cold.

Have a great week and try making something you have never made before for dinner.

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