Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cookbook is Selling

Thank you to all of you that have already purchased one of the cookbooks.  I have had several people ask about whether they can get the cookbook now or do they have to wait until the release date of October 25th.  If you order a cookbook through the link I have placed near the top of this blog page, you will receive the cookbook within two to three weeks.

Please spread the word that the cookbook is available for purchase and give them my Cabana Boy Cooks link.  That way they will be able to follow the food blog as well as purchase the cookbook.  Thank you for your help in getting the word out.

I have had a few of my blog followers ask some questions.  So to try and help everyone, I'll answer them today. The first has to do with the wine ingredient in some recipes.  You don't need to buy a big bottle of wine if you usually don't drink wine.  It is best for you to purchase the 4-packs of wine that can be found in the wine section of most grocery stores (in states that allow wine sales in grocery stores).  If your state is one that doesn't allow these wine sales, try your favorite liquor store.  The 4-packs come in white and red wine choices and the bottles hold 187 ml of wine.  That is just over 3/4 (175 ml) of a cup.

The second question had to do with alcohol also.  For the recipes that call for some type of alcohol, buy the smallest bottle available unless you have other uses for that particular product.  Some liquor stores or departments offer the small bottles like you purchase on airlines when you are flying.  You just need to be resourceful.

Please keep the questions coming.

This week, we will talk about separating egg whites and yolks, souffles and the type of dish needed for them.  The Friday recipe is for a broccoli souffle.  Enjoy, and thank you for following the blog.

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