Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update on Cookbook

I have the "Final Proof" in hand and have been going through it page by page.  I have also had several others doing the same.  We have found a few "gremlins" but overall it looks great.  Now I'm sure that I am a little biased in my opinion.  So I have showed it to several people (both with and without a connection to me) and have received very good reviews.

It was really quite exciting to open the package and see the look of the finished cookbook (in rough form).  When I started this process back in 2009, I really didn't have a picture in my mind of how the cookbook would turn out.

It has been a fun and enlightening adventure thus far and we're just getting to the exciting part.  I will begin working with the marketing department soon.  Then there is the cookbook release and (hopefully) lots of book signing events.

We are still on course for a September release.  When we get there, I will have a link on my blog to be able to buy the cookbook.  I have taken a picture of the front and back of the "Final Proof" and attached them below.
Front % Side of Cookbook
Back Cover of Cookbook

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