Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dishes to use for Casseroles

Oval 2 qt. Casserole
The cookware, pan or dish that is used to hold a casserole recipe can be varied in size and shape.A casserole pan can be rectangle, square, round or oval.  They all are usually with sides that measure between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches in height.  The dish is considered relatively shallow and this helps in keeping the baking time usually under one and a half hours.

8x8 Glass Casserole
Casserole pans are made from a variety of materials.  The two materials that are the most popular are metal and glass.  The metal pan works well for cakes as well as most casserole recipes.  Glass casserole dishes are great for everything.  In my opinion, glass casseroles work the best for marinating meats and vegetables for grilling.  They also hold packages of frozen food that needs thawing in the refrigerator.  My favorite thing about glass casseroles is the fact that you can see what the food is doing on the sides and bottom.  Maybe the food is browning too fast or not fast enough.  If you can see this, then you can adjust the temperature or time needed to make your dish its best.

9x13 Ceramic Casserole
This cookware is not limited to just metal and glass.  You can find casserole pans made of stoneware, ceramic and enameled cast-iron.  Some of these are nonstick dishes, like the Temp-tations Old World ceramic ones sold on QVC.  The one pictured here is not the Temp-tations brand but is nonstick.

The most famous is a 9x13 casserole dish.  The various shapes mentioned above include the following sizes; 1 qt., 1 1/2 qt., 2 qt., 8x8, 10x15 in addition to the famous 9x13 pan..  These are not the only sizes but are the most common.  There are also individual casserole cookware.  You see these used in many restaurants.
Famous 9x13 Metal Casserole

All this variety, and then some, in casserole cookware can be found at my favorite Kohl's store.  Go check them out and see if they have what works for you and your kitchen.

Tomorrow is my recipe for "White Chicken Lasagna" and it has become my wife's favorite lasagna.  Try it with a little salad and the garlic bread recipe from the blog on May 27th.

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