Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fresh Peas are One of the Best Spring Vegetables

It’s spring and that means gardens in the backyard or sharing with family/friends somewhere.  It means “Farmer’s Markets” in many towns.  It means “Fresh Produce” to eat.

Many who know me won’t believe my next statement but I’m open to people try any food.

“So one of the best spring vegetables are fresh peas.”  Maybe not for me because I greatly dislike them, but it is for many others.

I do follow my own advice which is to keep trying foods you don’t like.  I give this advice because people’s taste buds change over time.  It hasn’t happened for me concerning peas but has for many other foods.  So give that a try in your life.

This week I have two recipes that fresh spring peas are the main ingredient.  Tomorrow on Wednesday, I offer “Pea Ravioli with Mint” and it uses wonton wrappers.  So you don’t have to make pasta for the ravioli, but could if you like making fresh pasta.

Thursday, I have “Fresh Pea Hummus Crostini” for you to give a chance.

I hope you enjoy trying these recipes and “Happy Cooking” until next week.

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