Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rhubarb is for more than just Desserts.

When people say "Rhubarb" most think it is for some type of dessert recipe.  It is great for those but it works well in other situations too.

I've got several dessert and even a jam recipe in my "Recipe Tabs" above.

This week I give you 3 other ways to use rhubarb.  Tomorrow's recipe is for "Rhubarb BBQ Sauce."  Thursday try making "Rhubarb Ketchup" for your summer burgers.  Than on Friday it's a recipe for "Rhubarb Marmalade" which goes well  over or under fish and chicken dishes.

This is a short blog today as it is "Memorial Day Weekend" in the USA and we're busy with the family.  Also, my blog assistant turns 3 today.

Enjoy the recipes and "Happy Cooking" to everyone.  Remember to please share my blog link with all your family and friends.

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