Tuesday, April 21, 2015


"Empanadas" are thought to have originated in Spain around the time of Moorish Invasions. They are now most popular in Latin countries of Central and South America, as well as, Spain.

They are a version of portable meals which almost every country enjoys.  Similar to English (Cornish) Pies, Italian Calzones or the Hot Pocket of the USA but usually much smaller.  Although you can find them as large as an America pie and even served the same.

The "Latin" empanadas are filled with meat, seafood, vegetables, cheese and/or fruit.  Traditionally made from a wheat based dough, there are recipes for "Gluten-Free" versions too.

The G-F version I found did not pass the test for being included as a recipe this week.  The one I tried tasted fine but the dough left me unhappy with the way it preformed.  I will continue to look for one that will and share when it is found.

Wednesday's recipe is for a "Basic Empanada Dough" which will handle any filling you care to use.  On Thursday, I offer a couple of different fillings.  These are meant to give you an idea for creating your own empanada filling.

Try these and other recipes on my food blog.  Please be sure to share this link with family and friends.  "Happy Cooking" until next week.  Thanks.

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