Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Quiche for a Mother's Day Brunch

Mother's Day is coming up in May here in the USA (2nd Sunday of May).  It's one of the busiest days in the year for a restaurant.  There are always long waits at all the good ones.  Why not skip all that this year and do a "Mother's Day Brunch" for that special woman (or women) in your life?

This week and next I'm going to offer some recipes you might want to consider for such an occasion.  There are two "Quiche" recipes this week and two different "Cinnamon Roll" recipes next week.  In each case, there is one recipe that's unique but still easy to make.  While the other recipe will take a little more effort on your part.  They're all  well worth the trying even if it's not on Mother's Day.

The harder Quiche recipe involves making the pastry dough for the it.  It's a good dough recipe and could be used for any pies you make as well.  Now you could buy some refrigerated pie dough for the recipe.  But if you do that, you'll need to use both pieces in the package.  This Quiche recipe is for a deep-dish style and you need the dough going up and just over the pan's rim.  The "Pastry Dough for Quiche" recipe will appear tomorrow.

On Thursday, the recipe for "Deep-Dish Mushroom Quiche" will appear.  It uses two different mushrooms.  If you have trouble finding both, just substitute another mushroom that you like or double the one you can find.  The recipe calls for Gruyere cheese, which is a type of Swiss.  It's price is on the high end. I mention a couple of options in the note at the bottom of the recipe by name.  They to are a little pricy and can be hard to find.  You really can use any type of Swiss cheese that you like and can find.  However, using on of the other three cheeses named will improve the taste of the dish.

A recipe for "Hash-Brown Crusted Cheese Quiche" will be on Friday this week.  This one is interesting because of using the hash-browns for the crust.  You can take this same process for the crust and use it on other Quiche recipes if you desire.  It kind of makes a statement on the plate when you serve it.

If you like the idea of having a brunch for mom (family & friends too) there are more recipe ideas you could use under the various recipe tabs above.  Because brunch usually has both breakfast and dinner items, you can find a dish or two to compliment the Quiche recipe you pick.

Here are a few recipes available in the recipes tabs that you might like to try with the Quiche.  Chicken MarsalaGrilled Flank SteakDeviled Eggs (V), Greek Layered Dip (V), Jane's Salad or Fresh Corn Salad (V) are from the tabs above.  If you have my cookbook, here are few more to try; Italian Baked Chicken, Connie's Hash Brown Casserole and Roasted Asparagus.

I hope you will try the recipes offered this week at sometime if not for Mother's Day.  As I mentioned early, next week I'll offer a couple of "Cinnamon Roll" recipes.  In the mean time, "Happy Cooking" and please help spread the site to family and friends.

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