Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Some Kind of Chocolate for Valentine's Day.

When you hear the words "Valentine's Day" one of the first things you think of is, it's about two people sharing a very special connection together.  My wife and I do.  But I also share special connections to my mother, my children and, of course, my granddaughter (blog assistant).  Each is unique in their own way and you recognize them in different special ways.  It may be just a valentine's card.  For some it may be flowers (roses are number one this time of year).  Others, it might be a special dinner or meal (restaurant or at home).  Still others may receive candy (and most of this is in the form of chocolate) for this special day.

There it is.  Cards, flowers and chocolate are the most expected item for women.  For men, not too many receive the flowers.  But they do enjoy the cards and chocolate.

Now I write a food blog.  So the cards and flowers don't have much to offer here.  But the word "Chocolate" sounds very good.  I'm not talking candy but desserts.  After all this is about cooking and desserts definitely fall into that category.

Making a nice intimate dinner for two and ending with some sinful chocolate couldn't get better.  It doesn't matter if it's the man or woman doing the cooking (more fun if both do it together).

I don't know anyone who does not like chocolate in one form or another.  So this week's recipes are for two chocolate desserts.  Both are not difficult to make but take a little time.  And one of the best things about them is you get to enjoy it with someone special.

The first dessert (for Wednesday) is "Death by (Favorite) Chocolate Cake" and you will think you died and went to heaven.  But the nice part is you didn't and there is always seconds.  On Thursday, the recipe is for a "Flourless Chocolate Torte" and that means no flour but more chocolate.

Both of these recipes are not for the faint of heart.  They are rich and indulgent but worth every bite.  Even though I'm showcasing them for Valentine's Day, you can enjoy them year round for any occasion.  So give one or both a try.  Just don't check the scale for a few days (or weeks) after having some.

If you are going to make that special meal for Valentine's Day, the recipe tabs have plenty of ideas for you on any or all courses of your meal.  Here are a few that I'll suggest.  The Berry Soup (Cold) (V) or Cucumber Soup (Hot or Cold) (V) for more classy soups.  For salads try Fennel & Orange Salad (V) or Spinach with Apple & Red Onion (V).  A couple of entrees include Baked Salmon with Sun-dried Tomato Basil Pesto or Grilled Ribeyes with Mushroom Topping.  For non chocolate desserts try Easy Cheesecake Recipe (V) or Mandarin Orange Cake (V).

For those of you that have my cookbook (or want to order it) try looking at these recipes.  Again for soup try the "Baked French Onion" or "Cream of Broccoli."  Salads to try are "Bleu Cheese" or "Ruby Red Grapefruit."  A couple of entrees are the "Pasta & Shrimp" or "Italian Baked Chicken."  The dessert suggestions include one chocolate "Crazy Chocolate Cake" and a non-chocolate one of "Cherry Delight."

I hope this will help you with your Valentine's Day decisions.  May I wish everyone a happy "Valentine's Day" and my standard "Happy Cooking" until next week.

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