Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Egg Casseroles

It seems everyone loves "Breakfast Casseroles" and that something like 90% of them call for eggs as a main ingredient.  So hence my blog today on "Egg Casseroles" along with a couple of recipes requiring eggs in the dish.

Two other main ingredients in most of this type of casserole is meat and bread of some type.  A majority probably use both ingredients but there are some that will use one or the other with the eggs.  It kind of goes along with the individual that is making the casserole as to what they like in their's as to the type of meat or bread used.

The meat is easy to understand, it just meets the needs of those who like to eat meat.  The bread on the other hand is really just a filler.  It helps give mass to the casserole and helps in it setting up so it's not runny.  It helps give the casserole some form for serving at meal-time.

The meat does cause a problem for those who are vegetarians.  Most vegetarians will eat dairy products.  So the eggs and milk (no matter the type) don't come into play.

Of course, none of this helps the person following the vegan way of eating.  They don't consume diary products or eggs.  So most breakfast casseroles don't meet their eating needs.  Sorry Stephanie, I can't help you with these recipes.  Although I believe there are some vegan substitutes that may help.  I'm just not familiar with vegan products enough to help.

The two recipes that I'm posting on Wednesday and Thursday this week are a little different.  Neither one of the recipes call for any type of meat (good the the vegetarians) or bread.

The "Albert's Egg Casserole" uses eggs, milk, cheese and a little flour to get it to set up just right.  Depending on the cheese used, the casserole can have a subtle difference in color.  It will also change the flavor or taste of the casserole.  Each is a good thing and really just subject to your tastes.

As with the "Potato Tortilla (Spanish Style)" the eggs are what helps bind the potatoes in this dish.

Both recipes are easy to make.  If you don't have a cast-iron skillet for the second dish, you just need an oven-proof pan or dish.  It does need to be able to handle heat on the stove top too.

For those of you that like a little heat or spice in your dish, feel free to add peppers or hot sauce to the recipe.  If adding a solid for heat in a dish, add with the solid ingredients.  If using a liquid (hot sauce) in the dish, then add with the liquid mixture.  Neither will be enough to change the texture of the dish.

Well, enjoy these recipes and other egg casserole dishes too.  Until next week, "Happy Cooking."

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