Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Year's Eve Party Time

It seems most people do some partying on New Year's Eve.  A lot of people go to commercial establishments such as bars or clubs.  Some go to house parties.  Probably most stay home and do a little celebrating with family members (spouses, children).

We use to do our partying with the children early.  Letting them think they were staying up til midnight.  It worked until they got too old and understood time and how clocks worked.

Whether it was an early celebration or an on-time one, we made some special dish, snack or treat.  It seems everyone tries to bring in the New Year with food and drink.

There are several good drink recipes on the "Drink Recipe" link above.  Check it out in case you don't have something special already lined up for that night.

But this week, I'm talking food for that New Year's Eve celebration.  If you are staying home or needing to take an item to that party you're attending, I've got a couple of easy dishes.

The New Year's Eve parties are usually snacking events as apposed to full dinners.  So it's always fun to try and figure out a dish that is relatively easy to make, works well for people standing around trying to balance food and drink at the same time and doesn't break the bank.

Dips are one way to go.  They are usually easy to throw together (even if they have to be heated).  Using a chip, cracker or vegetable chunk is also easy to do while standing and talking.  Lastly, most dips and there accompanying instruments of dipping are reasonably priced.

This week I have two dip recipes that are served cold or at room temperature and don't need cooking.  The  first is easy to throw together using a food processor.  It's a recipe for "Roasted Red Pepper & Artichoke Dip."  There is no chopping.  You just put the ingredients in the food processor in steps.  There are enough different types of chips out on the market now that we're not talking your usual potato chip type.  Actually, the different types of chips, the new age crackers that are available and of course healthy vegetables all work well with this dip.

The second dip recipe is for a "Greek Layered Dip."  This takes a little more work but is still very easy to put together.  It's colorful, fairly healthy and goes better with the chips and cracks.  However, some vegetables would work well here too.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy them even if it's not New Year's Eve.  They work well year round.  I wish everyone a great and "Happy New Year."  Thank you all for your support of my food blog this past year and in the year to come.

"Happy Cooking" until next week.

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