Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Breakfast Sandwiches

Since tomorrow is Christmas Day, let me wish all of you a "Merry Christmas."  May the good lord bless you and help with your "Culinary Skills."

This week we're talking "Breakfast Sandwiches" as I'm one of those who believe breakfast is the most important meals.  It is what starts you off for a good day.  I know I've mentioned it before but you need to make time in the start of your day with some nutrition in you.  It really does make a difference in how your day goes.

For those of you that have trouble getting your day started, breakfast is difficult.  The fun thing about breakfast sandwiches, many of them can be made ahead.  You can make them the night before, just heat it up in the microwave and carry it out the door with in the morning.  You could make a batch of them and freeze the sandwiches for quick easy future meals.

If you have my cookbook or have been following this food blog long, you know that I advocate eating breakfast foods at times other than just your first meal of the day.  A quick recap for new readers.  Most everyone enjoys eating breakfast foods but have a difficult time doing it up right in the workday morning. Having breakfast meals at the evening meal, for example, gives you the time to enjoy these specialties and help your food budget at the same time.  That's because these type menus are less expensive compared to traditional evening meals.

The blog has a fair number of breakfast recipes available on the "Breakfast Recipe" link above.  Be sure to check them out.

I've a couple of breakfast sandwich recipes this week.  Because of the holidays, many people have guests (family or friends) staying with them.  This usually means one must offer more than just the big holiday meal to them.  So I have a couple of recipes that are not your normal breakfast fare.  Thought your guest might like something a little changed up.

The first is for "Fried Egg Quesadillas"  and they work well in a Panini or George Foreman grill.  If you don't have one of those, the recipe actually does it in a saute pan.  As with all the recipes I offer on this blog, I encourage everyone to change up some of the ingredients to make it fit your tastes and lifestyle.

The second recipe is taking a traditional dish and adding some excitement to it.  This one is a knife and fork sandwich as all sandwiches don't have to be held.  "Over the Top Biscuit and Gravy Sandwich" is again flexible with ingredients.  So change it up if helps meet your flavor profile better.

My hope is that you will get into breakfast more no matter the time of day, whether you guests or not, with roof-mates or even just by yourself.  Enjoy these and all the other recipes on this blog as you continue to cook.  Again, "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Cooking" until next week.

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