Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book Signing in Mantorville

My assistant and I at our book signing
This past Saturday I had a book signing at the "County Seat Coffeehouse" in Mantorville.  We had a great time and met some wonderful people.  Especially, Kristin (co-owner) and her daughter.  Kristin and her partner offer great food and, of course, delicious coffee drinks.  They offer a variety of sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts for lunch.  Breakfast is offered all day.  The soups, desserts and breakfast pastries are freshly made each day.  It's a neat little town about 20 miles from Rochester, MN.  If you get an opportunity to visit Mantorville, please stop by the "County Seat Coffeehouse" and say "Hi!" for me.  My blog assistant enjoyed her time there too as you can see by the photo.

Because of the book signing this past week, I was looking back through the cookbook and decided to give you a couple of my favorite recipes from "More Than Your First Cookbook."  The first is an entree called "Italian Baked Chicken."  The coating you use for the chicken can be used on pork chops with as tasty a result as the original.  The second recipe is for "Jane's Salad" which can be used as a side dish or an entree salad for a satisfying meal.  On Friday, I'll put the recipe for "Jane's Dressing" which is needed if you're going to make "Jane 's Salad" work.  This dressing works well on just about any salad you wish to put it on too.

Maybe trying these recipes will get some of you that don't have my cookbook yet to get moving.  Remember you can get in "print" or as an "e-book."  Just go to the right side of the blog page and click on the link to buy the cookbook.  Thanks in advance to those that make a purchase.

Well enjoy the week and "Happy Cooking."

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