Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Starts the Summer Season

I'm not even positive that spring is here yet, but it's "Memorial Day Weekend" this weekend.  That is the official start of the summer season.  A great 3-day weekend to kick it off.  So picnics are a big thing this weekend.  Since this blog has been going for sometime, there are plenty of recipes already for you to pick from in most of the recipe categories.

I'll list a few of them here.  You should just have to click on the recipe name to bring up the full recipe.  Burgers are always good at picnics so you might want to try one of these; Bleu Bacon Burger Mushroom & Swiss Stuffed Burger or Jalapeno Burgers.  They are 3 of my favorites from the blog.

If you need a salad or two, try one of these; Harvest Grains Salad (V) or the Mandarin Orange Pudding.

For a dessert, Fran’s Bars (V) is a great finger food.  With spring finally here, there should be some rhubarb coming up in the garden.  If there is some available, then try the Rhubarb Crunch (V).

A couple of sides you might want to try are Spicy Cream Corn (V) or Grilled Corn on the Cob (V).  It might be difficult to get good fresh ear corn at Memorial Day but remember it when the 4th of July rolls around.

But I have a couple of side dishes for you to try this year too.  They both are a little twist on the conventional picnic sides.  The first one is for "Old Style Potato Salad" and it's a little different because it uses eggs but they are not hard boiled ones.  The other is a recipe for "Celery Seed Cole Slaw" and the celery seed adds a nice wrinkle to the recipe.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and get out there on the grill or travel somewhere for a good old fashion family picnic.  "Happy Cooking."

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