Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Redesigned Blog

For all of you that have been following my food blog, you'll notice that I've made some changes to the design.  As I start my 3rd year of the blog, I wanted to make some improvements and give it a new look.  You'll see that it is still "under construction" and I would like feedback from you.  Please let me know if you like the new look.  Is the blog more user friendly to you?  Are there other changes you would like to see?  I really am looking for your help.  I want the blog to be as helpful to you as possible.  Thank you in advance for your input on this matter and for your continued support of "Cabana Boy Cooks."

Many of the changes are self-evident but I want to point out a few.

First, because I have a good following from some other countries, I have a link in the upper left to translate the blog into many different languages.  I hope this is helpful all of you around this great world of ours.

Second, because I keep adding more recipes each week, I have broke out the recipes into each of the categories I've been using.  The one tab that was listing all the recipes was just getting too long for one to quickly find the recipe they wanted.  With the new design it should be much easier to find a recipe.

The recipes under each category are still in alphabetical order and a (V) will denote recipes that are vegetarian.  Please remember that many of these vegetarian recipes can easily become vegan (if not already) with simple changes.  That goes for many of the recipes that are not vegetarian too.  A few simple changes and they can become vegetarian.  So please check out all the recipes even if vegetarian or vegan are your lifestyles.  Remember, you're only limited by your imagination and taste-buds.

Third, I changed the background and color of the blog because I believe this is easier to see and read.  This is the area that I really want your feedback.  Does the look appeal to you?  Is it easier to read and follow?

There are other changes as you will notice, but the three mentioned were the biggest changes.  I will leave the blog "under construction" for a few more weeks.  There are some other changes I'm looking at in addition to what has already been done.

Enjoying the possibility of spring
I'm also hoping to start adding food photos starting in July or August.  My family will be moving into different living quarters during the month of June.  So I won't tackle the photo project until after we are settled.  There will also be more photos of my blog assistant as she continues to grow and give me her opinion on the recipes we test and post.  As of now, she surprises me almost daily with her lack of fear to try new foods.  The other day she was eating mixed vegetables.  She picked out all the peas first and I was thinking "she is just like grandpa" (I hate peas and pick them out so I don't eat them).  Then she ate all of them before eating any of the other vegetables.  I'm checking DNA now.  Can't believe she would do something like that to her grandpa.

This week I have a couple of burger recipes for you.  It looks like spring is maybe finally here (although we just had 9 inches of snow on May 2nd).  It was a new record for the most snow in May.  Seem that's all we did this year.  Trying to break weather records.  I'm still thinking spring and grilling.

So this week I have "Jalapeno Burgers" and "Italian Meatball Burgers" for you to try.  Sometimes plain old burgers get boring.  So here are two that add a little flavor and offer you a change up from the old usual.

Enjoy and "Happy Cooking."

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