Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Russian Following Growing on Blog

I seem to have picked up a large following to my blog in Russia.  First, "Thank You" to everyone in Russia that have been checking out "Cabana Boy Cooks."  I hope you have found it interesting and helpful.  Please let me know if there are areas that I need to explain better so that you understand completely.  Also, if you have a subject that you would like me to cover, just use the comment area on the blog.  I would be happy to assist in helping you understand American cooking.  And remember to spread the link to other friends and family for this blog.

Since I re-designed the blog in early April, a little over 30% of my hits have been from Russia.  Getting hits from other countries is not uncommon.  I've been having people from all around the world following the blog since week one.  But never this high percentage.  There have been over 30 countries that have checked out "Cabana Boy Cooks" since the start.  Until this Russian phenomenon happened this month.  No country outside of the United States had gone over 5% of the hits for a month period.

I don't know how or why individuals from Russia found and followed my blog.  But I'm very grateful that they did and hope they will continue.  If any of you from Russia, or any other country outside the USA, are interested in getting a copy of my cookbook here is a link that will help.  www.barrybeacom.tateauthor.com

You can buy a printed form of the cookbook for $27.99 US dollars plus shipping.  A quicker and less expensive way is to get it in an E-book format for only $9.99 US dollars.  You get the download link right away and it will work on any computer, tablet, kindle or i-phone.  Unfortunately, I believe you can only get it in English.

Now for the coming week on the blog.  Tomorrow I'll talk about smoking food and outdoor deep frying.  Two recipes this week with the first being a brine to soak turkey or chicken in before cooking.  Friday's recipe is "Crusted Sesame Seed Tuna" for the grill.

Have a great week and be sure to leave comments if you have any.

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