Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Graduation & Wedding Seasons Coming

As we start the month of May, the "Graduation" and "Wedding" seasons start to come into bloom just like the May flowers.  In fact, graduation at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri (my home town) was this past Saturday.  It is a huge number of young people that graduate each spring from high schools, colleges and universities.

May marks the start of the normal five heaviest months of weddings in a calendar year.

I know that I sound like a commercial today and I guess it really is.  These individuals (graduates) and couples (weddings) are starting on a new adventure and I believe my cookbook could be a great help for many.  I've already given 4 out myself and signed about a half dozen more already this season.

On the left side of any of the blog pages are the many different ways/places of purchasing a cookbook.  One of the new ways is through my website or my publisher website get the cookbook in an "E-book" format.  The price for the e-book format is only $9.99 and there is no shipping charges.  This current generation is totally tuned into this technology with their cell phones, pads, tablets and laptops.

Enough said for the gifts ideas for graduations, wedding showers and weddings.

I'll have more to talk about tomorrow with upcoming events and a reminder of something I blogged last year.  Thursday and Friday will have a couple of recipes.  The first is for "Chicken Cordon Bleu" and the other for "Steak Wheels."  Remember last week I talked about stuffing and rolling cutlets.  Well, the first recipe is doing a stuffing cutlet.  The second recipe is for the rolling technique.

Have a great week and please spread the word about my blog.  Thanks.

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