Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cutting Boards

Last week we talked about the knives you use in cooking.  Something that goes hand in hand with the knives is cutting boards.  It is best to use a cutting board when you use a knife.

Most counter tops don't really like knives and knives don't like counter tops.  A knife can be very hard on a counter top and scratch or nick one quite easily.  The counter top can be just as bad for a knife and dull or damage it much faster than a cutting board.

There are plastic, composite, glass and wood cutting boards to buy/use.  I would stay away from the glass ones and thankfully they are hard to come by today.  The plastic and composite cutting boards work great.  They clean easily and can be put in a dishwasher without usually damaging them.  I have seen some that have warped over time.  Wooden cutting boards are as good or better than the plastic and composite boards depending on who you ask.  Everyone has a type of cutting board they prefer.  You won't be any different.
Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Wooden cutting boards should never be put in a dishwasher.  They will warp, crack or wear more if put in a dishwasher.  To clean a wooden cutting board just use a little bleach in warm water.  You can do that with the  plastic and composite boards, too.  Cutting boards can stain a little because of different items cut on them and the bleach can take care of that.  It is good for a wooden cutting board to have some fresh lemon juice rubbed on it from time to time.  It helps keep it looking good.

There are different kinds of wood used to make wooden cutting boards.  Right now I think the best one to use is a bamboo cutting board.  It is a good wood to cut on and it is good for the environment.  Bamboo is one of those woods that replenishes itself quickly.  The photo above is a set they sell at Kohl's for $19.99 the last time I checked.

One of the nice qualities of this set is that it has three different sized cutting boards.  I believe you need multiple cutting boards and multiple sizes too.  There are just too many different tasks to perform in the kitchen to not have multiple boards.

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