Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Cookbook Update

I would like to thank everyone following my food blog.  The blog just broke 1,000 hits in less than 7 weeks.  The daily hits are increasing each week.  I never imagined that the blog would do this well in such a short time.  Thank you again for following and please continue to spread the word about my blog.

The cookbook has been finalized.  What a great feeling.  My publisher is now going to print one actual book.  That book is the final proof that I will have to approve.  I should get the final proof sometime in early June.  Then I have 30 days to go through it from cover to cover and mark any mistakes or errors.  God willing, I won't find any.  I will then sign off on the final proof and return it to my publisher.

I will start working with the "Marketing" team in June.  These should be some very interesting months coming up.  If anyone has suggestions for bookstores in their area to carry the cookbook, please let me know.  I would need the name of the bookstore, address, phone number and a contact person.  I would appreciate all the help I can get in making the cookbook available to everyone.

We are still on schedule for a September release of the cookbook.

This week, the blog will talk a little about ovens, baking and items needed for making homemade pizza.  Friday will have a recipe for homemade pizza dough and a few ideas for topping it.

I would also love responses from any of you that have tried any of the recipes from this blog.  Please give me your likes, dislikes and any problems you may have had following the recipe.  Remember that this is a learning experience and I'm here to help.

Thanks and have a good week.

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